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    October 23rd, 2019

    Last updated: October 23rd, 2019

      A contract is an NDA, waiver, or another type of agreement that you can require guests to sign when checking in with LobbyConnect.

      Creating a Contract

      1. Start by navigating to the Visitor tab in the left anchor menu.

      2. Then click on the Contracts tab from the drop-down.

      3. You will be taken to the Visitor Contract section, click on the +Contract button in the top right corner of the screen.

      Visitor Contracts Dashboard LobbyConnect

      4. Fill out the contract details.

      • Give the contract a name, such as "General NDA."
      • Add a contract description.
      • If you toggle on the Set As Default field, the new contract will become the default contract for all visitor types on the account that do not have a specified contract.
        Note: If this is turned on, ALL visitors will be required to agree to a contract.
        • If you do not toggle on the Set As Default field, you will need to add the contract to the relevant visitor types, in order for it to be displayed to the appropriate visitors. 
      • Set the contract to Active if you would like it to be available immediately.
      • Valid Days - Valid Days represent the time allowed for a guest to revisit the office without needing to agree to the contract again. If you would like visitors to sign the contract on EVERY visit, simply put a 0 in the input boxes.
      • Type or copy the text for the contract into the text field.

      5. Select Save Contract.

      The contract is now available on your account.

      Updating a Contract

      1. Simply navigate to the Contracts tab.

      2. Find the appropriate contract, and select the Edit button to the right. 

      3. Scroll to the bottom of the contract and click the New Version button. This form will allow you to update the contract with new text.

      Add New Version of Contract for LobbyConnect

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