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Improve the Scheduling Experience Inside Your Calendar

Meet employees in the calendars they already use and improve their existing calendar experience with Teem functionality. When searching for a place to book, the plugins filter spaces by availability, location, capacity, and amenities. Finding the best spaces to support the variety of work employees perform throughout their workday has never been easier.

Use Your Trusted Scheduling Tools

Optimize Existing Investments

Teem Plugins work with Office 365/Outlook and Google Calendars so employees can use their trusted scheduling tools with the added benefit of Teem’s sorting and filtering functionality. Workspace information is easily visible on calendars so employees can choose a room, desk, or huddle space that supports their intended work. Pictures of different spaces and lists of their amenities are also easily visible and accessible, and in turn, spaces are more efficiently and frequently used by employees.

The Teem Plugin has been absolutely life-changing for our users. For them to simply be able to see the room capacity while scheduling has been absolutely awesome. Also – Meeting Services has really helped our catering department to be much more efficient. I am a HUGE advocate of Teem, and what you are doing!
Colleen Alaimo, Information Technology Manager

Teem Calendar Plugins Integrate with:


Empower Your Employees

Find the Best Spaces for a Variety of Work

An organization may already have a variety of spaces that support different work activities such as interviews, video conference calls, and more. The challenge is to make those spaces more visible and bookable for employees. Teem Plugins empower employees to find the space that best suits their work by showing what each space offers. If an employee is looking to book a space for a group working session, the plugins can help them find a room with enough chairs, a whiteboard or Apple TV, and whatever else they might need.

Supercharge Productivity

Save Time for Employees

By providing a list of room resources and scheduling information all in one place within their calendar tools, Teem plugins save employees time. Employees don’t have to spend time investigating which available room may fit their requirements. Instead, they can book a space that suits their needs in seconds and stay focused on their work.

Enhance Scheduling with Meeting Services

Take Control of Your Meeting Experience

To ensure that employees have everything they need for an upcoming meeting or event, the plugins offer Meeting Services. This feature allows employees to request services for upcoming meetings or events, including items such as catering, A/V setup, room setup, and more. Meeting Services ensure that employees are fully prepared for their upcoming events.

Plugins for the Most Popular Calendars


Teem Chrome Extension for Google Calendar

In addition to the tools available in Google Calendar, the Teem Chrome Extension includes a drop-down menu that lives in the browser toolbar. From there, users can conveniently view their schedule for the day, see what spaces are available now or are opening up soon, and create new events.

Install the Extension

Teem Office 365/Outlook Add-in

Office 365/Outlook are powerful tools, but Teem can take them to the next level. The Teem Add-in acts as a layer on top of existing calendars so that employees can continue using the calendar system they’re most familiar with, while still benefiting from Teem space-search tools. By filtering for spaces by availability, location, capacity, and amenities, the add-in helps employees quickly find spaces that best suit their work.

Install the Add-in

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