Data Security & Privacy Protections

We are committed to protecting your data and earning your trust with best-in-class security standards. Learn more about how we ensure your data is secure, private, and available at all times.

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Privacy Protection

At Teem, we design our products, tools, and policies to protect Personal Identifying Information (PII) and give you control over when and how it’s used.

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Data Security

We protect your company’s data as you use Teem. That includes securing our data infrastructure and transfers and verifying data protection with third-party audits.

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Your software should support your business outcomes. We keep you informed on data integrity and uptime metrics so you can have full confidence that your information is always available when you need it.

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protecting your privacy every step of the way

Your Data Is Yours, Always

Our strict privacy policy ensures we use your trusted information properly and give you the tools and information you need to meet your compliance obligations.

You own your workplace data

  • You can request data export and destruction.
  • Teem is only a processor of your data, and we only use it to provide services. We never sell your data to third parties.
  • We do not contact visitors or guests when they use Teem.

You control what users can see and do

  • Role-based permission hierarchies segregate information and capabilities within your organization.
  • Manage access to Teem tools using SSO, SAML, and employee directory integrations.
  • Review change logs for your company account to ensure proper access and use.

Global compliance

  • We are persistent in meeting global compliance standards to mitigate vendor risk.
  • GDPR: We act as a data processor on your behalf.
  • CCPA: We comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act since we don’t share or sell any personal information.
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Sleep Easier Knowing Your Data Is Safe

Protecting and securing your data is serious business. That’s why we follow best-in-class standards for data handling and storage. Our software development practices also ensure you (and only you) can access your data any time.

Data storage and retention

  • Teem is 100% cloud-based and hosted at AWS two US data centers with the highest grade security certifications.
  • You can request data export and destruction at any time.
  • We backup your data every day, and we automatically remove backups after 45 days.

Data access and encryption

  • Ensure authorized access with native password policies settings, lock out users after multiple failed login attempts, and force user-wide password reset.
  • We secure and encrypt all data during transport between each part of our architecture using TLS1.2 and while at rest.
  • Teem cannot be used without HTTPS.

Third-party audits

We conduct regular, rigorous testing to improve our security for your peace of mind, including:

  • Annual Penetration testing.
  • Dynamic and Static OWASP scanning.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 (coming Q3 2021) 
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Count On Us In Any Circumstance

Keep Your Business Running, No Matter What

Reliability and accountability are core to successful relationships. As your business partner, Teem has plans and processes to ensure business continuity for any-case scenarios.


  • Data is stored on Amazon Web Services servers located in the US.
  • Our SLA ensures 99.5% uptime, and Teem has maintained 99.76% over the last 90 days.
  • View system status and incident history any time on our status page.

Incident response and recovery

  • We have a tiered incident response protocol to prioritize quick resolution.
  • In case of disaster or catastrophic event, backups are available for immediate recovery.
  • We provide prompt, consistent communication during downtime and follow up with post-mortem evaluations.

Internal processes

  • iOFFICE employees undergo background checks, regular security training, and follow the principle of least access.
  • Application development follows a formal SDLC process, including peer review and QA testing.
  • Our dedicated security team ensures we are exceeding industry standards and constantly improving our products.

Privacy and Security FAQs

How do I get in touch with Teem customer service?

Our Customer Service Team is happy to help. You can visit our Help Center and choose your contact preference.

Does Teem have 24-hour support?

Yes, our experts are here to help you 24/7.

How will I be notified of scheduled maintenance?

In most cases, system maintenance will not require downtime. However, if downtime is expected, we announced maintenance windows of about two hours approximately two weeks in advance.

How does Teem use my company's data?

Teem only uses your company’s data to provide services to you. We will never sell your data, and we only share it with approved sub-processors listed in our Data Processing Agreement in order to improve our offering.

How do I access my Teem account?

To access your Teem account, sign in from app.teem.com.