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Data and Reports in Your Dashboard

Discover data and recommendations from Teem Workplace Analytics in your dashboard as Teem Workplace Insights.

More than Just the Data

With the Teem platform connected to your workplace, you get data related to how your people and places interact, but data alone doesn’t make you smart. The real brains behind that data can be found inside Teem Workplace Insights.

Reveal Dynamic Recommendations

Teem Workplace Insights gives you deliberate reports and dynamic recommendations so you can put your data to work. We’ve found a happy place between powerful analytics and The Reader’s Digest.

Teem Workplace Insights

Your Data, Organized

Within the Teem Dashboard, start on the Insights Introduction Dashboard for an overview of your workplace data. Reports are always sorted by category: Meeting Behaviors, Visitors, Facilities, Technology. Each report follows the same format: primary question, data analysis, recommendations, methodology. Popular reports within the dashboard include: what is your True Utilization, how often do meetings go unattended, how many Zombie Meetings do you have, and what is your Recapture Rate?

Translate Information to Action

Nestled inside Teem Workplace Insights are engaging graphs that showcase and highlight critical workplace data. From that data, we serve up recommendations customized to your unique data patterns. Individual Take Action cards clearly convey next steps, so you know exactly what to address.

Become the Expert

Find out how your company's locations compare with each other, and with other companies. If you encounter an unfamiliar technical term inside Teem Workplace Insights, you can click on it to learn its definition in our Insights Glossary. You'll also find a deep dive into how we break down your data in the report methodology.

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