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Teem Dashboard

Conference Room Management Dashboard

Better conference room management is both an art and a science. Meet the sharpest tool in your office management toolbox.

More Than a Meeting Room Manager

More than a simple meeting room manager, Teem empowers employees by offering meeting room tools that connect your people with the right rooms and resources and simplifies workflow.

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

Use one centralized dashboard to securely manage conference room displays and lobby kiosks, meeting room users, integrations with platforms like Google Apps, Office 365 and Slack, and much more.

Management Dashboard Details

An intuitive, web-based admin dashboard allows for centralized management of all of your organization’s Teem users, lobby kiosks and conference room displays across different floors, buildings, and even campuses. The ability to adjust settings, turn on specific features from your dashboard and then apply those choices to hundreds or even thousands of devices is a top reason customers choose Teem.

Data That's Safe and Sound

Security Measures

From having an on-staff CISSP to conducting yearly pen tests, we’re serious about keeping your data secure. It’s why companies like SoftBank and Mozilla trust us to protect the data and user information tied to room management software.

See How We Protect Your Data
Take and Track Action

Logs and Alerts

From alerts that automatically let you know when a conference room display is offline, to logs showing which operating system version is running on each device, we make it easy to review how well your Teem room management software and display apps are working and quickly diagnose any problems.

Sync Your Company Directory

User Management and SSO

Although account administrators can add or manage their Teem users on an individual basis, many companies prefer to tie user management to their existing systems. Our Google SSO and Office 365 SSO integrations make it safe and easy to sync your company directory with Teem conference room management software.

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Control and Manage Access

User Permissions

Teem account admins can add new users and control their permissions using groups. Allow different teams or departments to access different sections of the Teem admin dashboard based on your needs. For example, IT probably needs access to device management, whereas facilities needs to view room usage insights. Some employees will only need to access the meeting room manager and desk booking. Teem makes it easy to manage it all with a few clicks.

Implement Teem with Ease

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Scale

Our centralized management dashboard makes our solution simpler to roll out than other solutions. Teem Quick-Add makes it as easy as point-and-click to get set up your meeting room management. On top of that, our meeting room manager tools and lobby management products run on readily available hardware (iPads, Android tablets). So when you need to add a new device (or several), there’s no need to special order hardware from a vendor and then wait for it to arrive. Start making your meeting rooms or lobbies more efficient right away.

Find Out More About Quick-Add

Connect the Office with Integrations

Work Requests

Tired of conference room repair requests falling through the cracks? Our Work Requests feature acts as a ticket system for conference room management, so end users can easily submit requests to IT or facilities. Find out right away if there are problems with conference room technology like video conferencing or presentation tools, or with equipment like chairs or whiteboards.

APIs and Webhooks

Combine or analyze your exclusive Teem data in other platforms or systems with our APIs and webhooks for the Teem Room Display and Teem Reception Area apps. Use webhooks to automate tasks like updating a Salesforce account when a client visits your office or adding your meeting notes to the related event on your calendar.

Sensor Integrations

If your building is already part of the Internet of Things, you can integrate its sensors with Teem. Make it easier for employees to meet and collaborate with quick reserve room reservations. The integration also creates a whole new pool of meeting and room usage data to be analyzed and acted upon.

Teem Meeting Room Resource Management Work Requests
APIs and Webhooks Meeting Management

Teem Solutions You Control

A Seamless Connection to the Calendar

Calendar Integrations

You don’t have to switch calendar systems to use room management software from Teem. Whether your company uses Office 365, Google Apps or Exchange for its shared calendars, our platform will integrate with it. Many more integrations are in the works, so stay tuned if your current system isn’t supported – or contact us with an integration suggestion.

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calendar integrations meeting management
Make Data-Driven Decisions

Workplace Analytics

Eleven million meetings take place each day in the U.S. There’s a lot of data around those meetings that used to be hidden, but Teem reveals the patterns and trends in your workplace based on that data. When your employees use our meeting room manager tools, it generates data that you can use to better manage the office space or improve how your company meets.

Find Out What Analytics Can Do
Free Up Unused Spaces

Zombie Meeting® Cancellation

Zombie Meetings® are those recurring meetings that somebody scheduled once upon a time but everyone has since forgotten all about. No one shows up for the meetings or even remembers who booked them, but every time another occurrence rolls around the room is out of commission. The calendar says it’s unavailable, but everybody walking by can see otherwise. It’s a conference room management nightmare. With Teem you can put those Zombie room reservations to rest for good.

Get the Specifics on Insights

Teem Dashboard Tech Specs

Share the workload internally by allowing specific users to have admin-level access to your company’s Teem account.

Room Display Settings

Set operating hours for your room displays, allowing them to automatically dim or turn off outside of regular business hours. And if your organization has privacy concerns, you can choose whether or not displays should show meeting details like event title, description or attendees.

Room Resources

Attach resources to each room, from tech like projectors and adaptors to equipment like chairs and whiteboards, so that end users can search for rooms with the resources they need or report related problems.

Activity Stream

View a detailed list of recent account activity, including user logins or edits to the deployment settings. Meet your new meeting room manager. And to make troubleshooting even easier, you can filter the list of activities by category, such as calendars, billing, etc.

Visitor Watchlist

Our Visitor Watchlist feature helps you discreetly perform security checks. If anyone checking in via LobbyConnect is a match with your pre-arranged list of contacts, an email alert goes to the address on file for this feature.

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