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Teem Mobile App

In today’s fast-paced work environment, all of your favorite apps get that much better when you can take them with you. The Teem App for mobile puts workplace scheduling tools into the hands of the user no matter where they are. Employees can stay connected to their workplace, collaborate on the fly, and always find and book the spaces they need.


What good is having a variety of spaces, tech, and other amenities for your employees if they don’t know they’re there or simply can’t find them? Improve visibility with the Teem App and make sure your employees are getting the most out of your existing investments.

  • See agenda for the day and info on upcoming meetings.

  • Search for the best space by filtering for availability, amenities, capacity, and location.

  • Customize search with categories like nearby spaces, most recent, and “My Office.”

Simple On-the-Go Scheduling

Sometimes the need for a space happens as quickly as a light bulb flickers on. For spontaneous collaboration or some last minute focus time before a presentation, the Teem App will help find the spaces employees need in seconds.

  • Book desks, huddle spaces, and meeting rooms on the fly.

  • Notify attendees when running late.


Increase your organization’s overall efficiency. Automatic Check-in or mobile reminders make checking into meeting or desk reservations easy. Canceling and ending meetings early so that others can use space that might have otherwise gone to waste also only take a single tap on the Teem App.

  • Automatically or manually check into meetings on arrival.

  • Cancel or end meetings early so others can use the space.


The workplace can be a big place with lots of twists and turns. With turn-by-turn directions on through Aruba Meridian Maps, employees will be able to navigate their office like it was their home away from home.

  • Feel at home in a new office or different location.

  • Get turn-by-turn directions with Aruba Meridian.


Teem Indoor Wayfinding Helps "The New Guy" Find His Way

The New Guy doesn’t know where to go and is forced to wander the office aimlessly looking for their meeting. Given the high-cost organizations pay to attract and retain top talent (up to 1.5-2X the lost employee’s annual salary), a frictionless onboarding process and employee happiness are of paramount concern. and don’t be fooled, even current employees can fall victim to the “New Guy” persona when navigating an all-new or recently renovated space or someone is visiting from a satellite office.

Watch the video to see if "The New Guy" can find his way.

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