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Global Organizational Trends updated as of {{last_updated}}

How frequently are meeting rooms actually used?

On average, meeting rooms have {{frequency.meetings_per_day}} meetings in them per day. Across all conference rooms that results in an average of {{frequency.hours_per_day}} hours per day per conference room. Learn More.

How often do no-show meetings happen?

When no one shows up for a previously scheduled meeting, it ties up valuable space and may postpone other employees’ meetings. Learn More.

How often do rooms get re-booked when no one shows up for a meeting?

When no one shows up to the meeting, Teem frees up that space for others to use. Learn More.

What does true meeting room utilization look like?

Frequently meeting room utilization is measured incorrectly. This true utilization metric accounts for no-shows, recaptured meeting time, and ad-hoc meetings. Learn More.

Global Employee Trends updated as of {{last_updated}}

Are meetings planned or last minute?

Some organizations thrive on last-minute meetings; others plan far in advance. Learn More.

How long is the typical meeting?

Meeting length is often considered to be a measure of a company’s culture. Learn More.

On average, employees attend {{attendance.meetings_per_year}} meetings every year in formal conference rooms. That’s {{attendance.hours_per_year}} hours spent in meetings, and business leaders spend even more time than that. Are you doing everything you can to make that time productive?
Learn how your company compares.

How many people are invited to meetings?

The number of people in a meeting can change its dynamics and affect productivity. Find if organizations trend toward large or small meetings. Learn More.

What are peak meeting times during the day?

Meeting-room-based collaboration ebbs and flows depending on the time of day, and the most popular meeting times vary by geographic region. Learn More.

How does your organization compare?

Sign up for a free trial to the Teem platform to benchmark how your organization meets and see how the right tools can help your employees meet more productively and efficiently.