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The Story Behind This Graph

One of the biggest flashpoints in the office is when a conference room appears to be booked on the schedule but a quick peek at the room itself reveals that no one is actually in there. This metric shows just how often that happens for businesses. Those unattended meetings waste an average of {{time_wasted}} hours per room, per month. Multiply that by the number of conference rooms you have … that’s a lot of wasted space.

Why It Matters

No-show meetings are a triple threat to businesses.

First, these “ghost” meetings skew reporting and cause businesses to plan for more space than they need. Second, unattended meetings inflate perceived meeting room usage, which leads to employees feeling frustrated that they don’t have the space they need to be productive. Third, and most detrimental to your business, no-show meetings delay collaboration and productivity. When a room isn’t available, employees often postpone meetings until they can find an open room.

How It’s Calculated

This metric is provided exclusively by the Teem platform. Using the EventBoard conference room display check-in feature, we calculate the number of meetings not checked into, then divide by the total number of meetings where check-in was tracked.

This provides an accurate representation of no-show meetings within the workplace. In contrast, other organizations calculate no-show percentage by dividing by the total meetings booked, which results in an underestimated no-show percentage.

How does your organization compare?

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