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The Story Behind This Graph

This metric shows the percent of wasted time that companies can recoup from no-show meetings when using the Teem platform, which automatically frees up conference room space due to no-shows. When a company uses the Teem platform, they allow their employees to take advantage of the dynamic nature of a typical workday, and make better use of their space.

Why It Matters

Conference rooms that sit empty even when they’re not in use, simply because they still show up as booked on the calendar, result in wasted space. They can even cause employees to postpone important meetings because it appears there are no open meeting rooms.

Without the Teem platform freeing up conference room space when no one shows up for meetings, that meeting room remains booked on the calendar, potentially preventing others from using it.

So instead of letting productivity push until next week, help your team accomplish their tasks today by allowing them to rebook the space when people don’t show up for their meetings.

How It’s Calculated

This metric is provided exclusively by the Teem platform and uses the EventBoard conference room display check-in feature, which identifies no-show meetings. We calculate recapture rate by adding up all meeting hours booked in place of no-show meetings, and divide by all no-show meeting hours. No-show meeting hours come from scheduled meetings that were canceled because employees didn’t check into the room via Teem’s check-in feature.

How does your organization compare?

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