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The Story Behind This Graph

True meeting room utilization is a metric exclusive to the Teem platform. We measure the percent of time conference rooms are in use after taking four factors into account: time freed up by no shows, time recaptured by those who can use the room because it’s been freed up by no shows, meetings that ended early, and meetings that were booked last-minute from the conference room display.

Why It Matters

Office space is usually one of the three largest expense items on your business’s P/L. By knowing your true utilization, you can make the most efficient use of your current space and plan ahead with greater accuracy. Without referring to metrics like this, it’s easy to make bad decisions about space usage that either result in waste (i.e. too much conference room space) or even worse, lost productivity (when important meetings are postponed for lack of available meeting space).

How It’s Calculated

The Teem platform measures businesses’ true conference room utilization by adding up all true meeting hours for each day, and dividing by an 8-hour workday. This calculation excludes no-show and canceled meetings. It also uses the true meeting length to avoid inflating utilization.

As Seen In

Genysis Brand Solutions: Analytics to the Rescue (Teem Blog, 2016)

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